Diameter Range SC2 Machine

The SC2 model is also a lightweight and versatile portable line boring and rotary welding machine, weighing only 42kg, which is ideal for medium applications, be it line boring up to 600mm or rotary welding up to 600mm. This machine is ideal for ardent line borers who come across medium to large diameters.

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Transmission through 4/1 gear ratio and torque rating of 1145.39Nm, this machine is for line borers who like grunt.

The control has directional switches for both rotation and feed and variable speed rates(rpm) via 10 turn pots.

The machine has optional power supply ratings, either 110v or 230v.

The Machine has an overload protection via torque sensing in the control panel, which receives its feedback from a robust AC Motor, with encoders.


In Line Boring Also Blind Holes: From ∅ 60mm To ∅ 600mm Standard
Internal Welding Also Blind Holes: From ∅ 60mm To ∅ 600mm Standard
External Welding Also Blind Holes: From ∅ 60mm To ∅ 600mm Standard
Drilling: See Optional Accessory Kits
Tapping: See Optional Accessory Kits
Stroke: 350mm Continuous Traverse
Transmission: 4/1 Helical Transmission Gearbox
Output Torque @ Bar 1° Gear: 1145.39NM

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