Flange Facing

Most tubular components, flanges, valves, high-pressure valves, sealing valves, valves seats, conical seats and others require preventive maintenance and also curative maintenance.

These components most of the time cannot be dismantled or easily transported to workshops that may or may not house the machinery to repair them.

Our machines are portable, designed to perform on-site, high-quality machining operations. Our operators are experienced technicians that are able to operate on customers sites, whatever they are, wherever they are.

  • Have the required authorisations¬†and certifications
  • Benefit from our knowledge/experience of over 30 years
  • Know how to advise our customers in order to solve their machining problems and to give them adapted solutions
  • Have machines known all over the world, for their quality, their sturdiness, their reliability and their capacities
  • Are professionals who offer the industry their know-how and competences.

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At LBW, we believe we lead the way in the development of special purpose flange facing, pipe bevelling and portable welding machines to name a few. To book a full and detailed in-house or in-situ demonstration, please fill out the contact form below.